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The entire Series 1 cast of Scoops

Silly Scoops come in a variety of scoopable, cuddly characters. On this page you can locate each Silly Scoop by Series and rarity.

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Silly Scoops are round, fluffy animals based on ice cream. Each has their own personality and appearance.

Make sure to scoop them all up!

Series 1Edit


Cherry Parfait Kitten Banana Split Monkey Lychee Panda
Rocky Road Horse Roseberry Pig Kiwi Koala
Peanut Butter Swirl Cat Cookies & Cream Cow Maple Nut Giraffe
Mocha Almond Guinea Pig Licorice Stripe Zebra Pecan Hound
Sugar Golden Retriever Marshmallow Bunny Black Raspberry Tiger


Pistachio Frog Tutti-Frutti Owl
Wintermint Husky Praline Elephant

Ultra RareEdit

Jubilee Unicorn